Has anyone ever gone crazy from construction?

I have no idea how I am going to live through this for the rest of the year. The noise of the frilling in the lobby causes the apartment to shake, and is so unbelievably loud. I hope that it is not having a negative effect on Nash, as I know that dog’s have excellent hearing. If it is to loud for me to take, what about him? They also have 1/2 or 2/3 of the lobby blocked off by a wall, so it seems almost impossible for people walking in opposited directions to pass each other. I got really angry when we came in from Nash’s last park time, as he seemed really confused by all the noise and construction, and of course, people did not let me know they were standing in my way, so we just kind of plowed right through them. I am not going to live in a building where I have to apologize to people every time I leave and enter the building. It just doesn’t seem fair, and oh yeah, I am getting to pay NYC rent to have this priviledge, all so the lobby can look nicer. You’re in the lobby at the most a few minutes a day, so considering all the headaches this is causing, i really do not see the point to it. How many people have ever rented an apartment because they really liked the way the lobby looked? It would be one thing if this construction was necessary to fix something, but this is just vanity. I guess when you charge so much for rent, you have all that extra money lying around. I can only sit in Starbucks across the street for so long, so I am not sure what I am going to do during the day, and I have stuff that I need to get done, you know be productive, but it is very hard to concentrate with all the racket. Any suggestions are welcomed, and no, I can’t just move, I am tied into a lease, and if you do not live in NYC, it ain’t easy to find an apartment, and oh yeah, find one that you can afford. Oh yeah, and moving when you are blind isn’t a ton of fun.

Nash and I met my friend Lis today who also has retinitis pigmentosa. Lis has helped out with the past few Laugh For Sight’s, and she seems to be doing well. It was the first time that Nash has met a friend in the city. Maybe, I don’t have to worry about him and the construction, as he just started snoring. Lucky him. I could never sleep in all of this. Lis and I met at where else, but Starbucks. I always wondered how people could sit in Starbucks all day, and now I know why, they must work nights like me, and their apartment buildings are under construction, Nash was really well behaved, as he laid by my feet. He did drool on the floor, and I think he likes to leave a puddle behind. Luckily, it did not come out of the other end.

I spoke to a friend who went kayaking over Memorial Day. I am not really a big outdoorsman, but I thought I had some great advice to her, which I should share with everyone. I told her, careful, “don’t tip your kayak, you’ll spill your drink!” Well, she tipped it anyway. I think she was teaching her dog to be in the kayak.

2 Responses to “Has anyone ever gone crazy from construction?”

  1. Lona Says:

    You can’t move Nash loves your apartment! Let’s see or rather think about this, you could write the renting agent and ask if they are planning to lower your rent seeing that you have to deal with all of this noise. Or maybe they will give you a free month due to all the noise. Ugh isn’t city living grand. I for one enjoy being able to live in the burbs and get stopped by a cop for sort of not stopping at a stop sign. You know the one that I just told Donny this morning that he better stop as one day a cop was going to stop him. UGH cop was nice and just gave me a warning. Can you warn your renting agent that you are going crazy with alt he noise. that poor Nash can’t sleep, we can only hope he does not read your blog.
    anyway, keep smiling you are doing great. Hey why doesn’t your blog have a spell check?
    lvoe aunt lona

  2. blindgator Says:

    Unfortunately, the rental office didn’t care. They were concerned about me getting in and out of the building, and are looking into it, but as soon as I mentioned a rent reduction, they didn’t want to hear any of that. I should have told them, that I am blind so my other senses are heightened, and the construction is slowly killing my Superman hearing. Ugh, only 8 hours til it starts again.

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