Why go on a diet, just get a dog

Every morning, I wake up, feed Nash, take him for a walk so he can do his business. I get home, drink some coffee, check the all important fantasy baseball teams, and try to eat my breakfast at my computer. Of course, Nash usually goes to his bed after getting back, and lays down. Then I will go and get my breakfast, a breakfast bar, or low fat muffin from Nutrisystem, and sit back down at my computer. Hey, i got a lot of fantasy baseball teams, and email to get to. As soon as I break the breakfast out, I hear the clippy clop, and Nash is sitting right in front of me. I can see a little, and he is giving me those puppy eyes as if he has never eaten before! I have to tell him no Nash, you already ate, this is human food. He will sit at my feet and stare right at me for a few minutes. I feel like I have to wolf my food down, so that he does not get jealous. I tell him, “well, maybe if you didn’t wolf your food down, you wouldn’t be hungary.” I never feed Nash from the table, or in this case, the desk, but those puppy eyes are getting harder and harder to ignore. And this is just a small breakfast. During dinner, I have to put him on tie down, not as a punishment, just so I can eat my dinner in peace. Of course, the attention junkie Nash sits there all perked up, and will some times whine a little. Lets just say, I think I am eating less since I got Nash, and its not because I am feeding him my food, that is a major no no. He makes me feel guilty about eating. Hopefully at this pace, I will lose some weight!

Not much on the schedule for today. Reading over the take hom material, doing a route, may do the same route, or go a few blocks longer. Tomorrow should be interesting, as I just found out that my glasses are ready, so I will be taking the bus over to the East side to the Lighthouse to get my glasses. I think they may also be givcing me a desk lamp, if the Commission For the Blind, a state agency, agrees to pay for it. I will have to remember to take my backpack, as I am hoping that I will be getting to much stuff to carry, and walk the dog. We are also beginning to put some feelers out to see if we should hold a Laugh For Sight 4 this year. If we do hold it, we would like to have a PR firm handle a lot of the work. The economy may prevent us from doing the benefit this year. If we do have the event, it will be in the beginning of November.

3 Responses to “Why go on a diet, just get a dog”

  1. rockwoman Says:

    I get what you mean. I don’t have time for the munchies anymore, not with everything to do with the Rock. The benefit sounds like a great idea.

  2. Lona Says:

    So her I am snacking on veggies as I am trying to lose weight. guess I should jsut get a dog. But I am sure I would break down and share my food. No will power here. enjoyed our phone chat
    aunt lona

  3. blindgator Says:

    Good speaking with you to. Looking forward to getting together for lunch on Monday.

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