Nash is a lion

It looks like Nash got his courage back, and has gotten over his fear of the rolling desk chair, as he is back to sitting on my feet, and gave me a two feeter this morning (Head on left foot, rump on the right), He seems to really be at ease in the apartment, and follows me around a lot. He still follows me into the bathroom, and I hope he will eventually get over his abandonment issues. His favorite spots seem to be his bed by the window, in between my bed and the entryway to the bathroom, which is fully shaded, and lying next to the ottoman, and up against the couch when I am lying on it.

Thought you might enjoy some pictures.

Nash aka The Toyminator

Nash aka The Toyminator

A futuristic dog sent back through time to save all humanity, I guess from toys!

Nash and Grandma

Nash and Grandma

Who is this woman who is spoiling me with toys?

Nash, Puppy Raisers Lorraine and Richard, and me

Nash, Puppy Raisers Lorraine and Richard, and me

Hey, where have you guys been? At least this new guy who is feeding me isn’t bad, but I do beat him all the time at tug!

Not a lot on the schedule this Memorial Day, just some obedience which is exercise for Nash, grooming, walking a route, and reading through some more of the going home pack. It is in large print, and Guiding Eyes did email it to me, so I can read it. Well, Nash is mesmerized by the computer, so I am going to go, as I think all these pictures may be confusing him. Will post some more pics in future posts.

5 Responses to “Nash is a lion”

  1. rockwoman Says:

    Hey, thanks a million. Love the pics. I’m glad it’s going well. The first especially is easy to see. You’re lucky you can take life with a sense of humor.

  2. Lona Says:

    well if I cna ever figure out why my pixs wont transfer to snapfish i will send them to you. Love the pixs although I do have them and want more. glad Nash is adjusting well to your apartment. Hope to see you soon um Ihtink I mentined the 7th but I think it is really the 1st or 2nd that I will be in city. Next monday is the day.
    Love ya
    Keep on blogginh
    aunt Lona

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    See Brian-parents always let their kids win at first!!! I will always spoil my grandkids with toys… (but will try stronger ones from now on). Glad Nash is back on your feet and braving the chair.Love, Mom

  4. rockwoman Says:

    Hey, I saw the thing about what Cora said. I know that’s how I felt too. I totally agree with you, though my mom has gotten the boys an XBox, though they do have to buy a game if they want it. She makes them pay for some stuf. I wish I hadn’t complained about the climate, either. It’s really humid and chilly and windy here. It was nicer up there in NY. I ordered him a long line so he can actually play and get rid of this extra energy.Rocko doesn’t even care about his toy for some reason. He chews his bone more, but he loved the toy I got him last week and now he could care less. Well, actually, he couldn’t care less. That makes more sense since he doesn’t care at all.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,
    Thanks for including Richard and me in your selection of pics for your blog. Keep the pictures and writing coming. You and your blog are the talk of the Finger Lakes region of puppy raisers. Most of them have been there long enough to have known Nash and are really enjoying keeping up with him and are very interested in the life of a guide and his partner.

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