And his name is…

Today I became best friends with a yellow lab whose name is Nash. We were introduced early this afternoon. He was good and strong about not crying after the trainers left, but boy did he work me out in m little room here at Guiding Eyes. There are two doors in the room, one which leads out into the hall and the facility, and a second door that leads out to where we take the dog to the bathroom. Well, for our first hout together, Nash kept running between both doors with me holding on to his leash. Lets just say, it was the best workout I have had in a long time. I am so exhausted that this intro will be brief. He is a really cute dog, and seems to be very social. After running me around for an hour, I was thinking are you kidding me, I don’t know about this guy, but then we had our first moment, where I think we bonded. Nash finally sat down, he laid on the floor and turned on to his back with his paws up in the air, and I was rubbing his belly. It was very cute. He does not seem to listen to my commands very well yet, and I think he could be testing me to see what he can get away with. I think right now he is probably the boss in the relationship/partnership, but I guess that is why I am here for a month. Besides this being my first guide dog, this is the first dog of any kind that I have ever owned, so I am a little lenient with the pulling on the leash for obedienace. Hopefully he will sleep through our first night together, because I don’t think I can give him an ambien. That is probably frowned upon. He was well behaved at dinner, so I think Nash is probably a really great dog, I will just have to learn to show him who is boss.

One Response to “And his name is…”

  1. James Says:

    Awesome news Brian. I like the name Nash, and it sounds like he’s a great dog. Keep us posted!!

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