Packing for Guide Dog School

Saigon, 1969, the man they were sending me to assassinate, Colonel Kurtz, was a freaking hero. Oh sorry, that was Martin Sheen’s blog in Apocalypse Now, was watching it last night while I was finishing packing.

Got picked up this morning and headed up the West Side Highway off to Guide Dog School. You know for all the bodies the Mob has dumped in the Hudson, I have never seen one. Maybe that is the blindness.

Had a nice ride with Mark.

Got to the school, and got the tour. I will have to remember to keep walking on the right, which makes sense because we got 14 visually impaired/blind peeps here.Although every time they say keep to the right, it reminds me of that sene in Midnight Express when he keeps walking in circles. Hopefully this will be a much more pleasant experience than being in a Turkish prison.

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