Who Ya Going to Call?

So a buddy of mine called me up, and told me he had a mouse problem in his apartment. Me being blind, I assume I have never had a mouse problem. He set a number of mouse traps with peanut butter throughout the apartment. But this here is a clever mouse, as he kept getting away with the peanut butter. He was real sneaky and fast to, as he would run all around the apartment like he was an explorer mouse. I guess he was the Lewis and Clark of his little mouse brigade. Until that fateful night, when the mouse went back for too much peanut butter for his tribe, and got greedy, and his neck got snapped in the mouse trap. Me being sympathetic thought poor little mousy. You were so brave and adventurous. Now that my buddy has solved his mouse problem, he has a new problem, and he thinks his apartment is haunted, and I could only think of one thing, Mouse Ghost!! How come when anyone sees a ghost it is always a person ghost? Why wouldn’t the mouse he just killed haunt his apartment forever? Come to think of it, I think I got a mouse ghost problem!


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