Where Do You Walk a Dog in NYC?

So I am in the process of applying for a guide dog. You would not believe how lengthy the process is, but at least they have a thourough screening process, and do not just give these dogs out to anyone like the New York Yankees do with their handicap seats. Yeah, for all of you out there trying to get tickets to a Yankees game, and cannot find any, check out the handicap seats, they let anyone buy them, and do not monitor if you have a disability. Kind of sad, as they are the only stadium or arena in the tri-state area where you do not have to be on file with a doctor’s letter to get disability seating. But I digress, back to talking about the guide dog. So the guide dog society calls me, and asks if my apartment is near any landmarks? So I said,
oh are you visually impaired, and the guy says, no I just have trouble finding places. No shit, me to. Thought that was kind of a funny question to ask a blind guy. Anyway, the guide dog society people were

really great, but I have never had a dog before, so I had a lot of questions. I was actually concerned about where I would have to take the dog to go to the bathroom? I live on a street with a lot of people traffic, and actually thought the dog would be embarrassed to go to the bathroom in front of people. Like I said, I have never owned a dog before, and did not realize that the dog will just do its business about anywhere. Hey, I do not even like using public restrooms. On another note, The Foundation Fighting Blindness keeps emailing me to contact my Congressman about more funding for the NIH. Only problem, is I live in New York, and have tried, but his office keeps telling me he’s with a prostitue. Hey, if its good enough for the
Governor, why not my Congressman too. I really need to get into politic’s, it sounds like the fringe benefits are great!!

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