Michael Vick & Being fixed up

I was looking around for my Seeing Eye dog, and then I remembered that I have not seen him since I was over at Michael Vick’s house. I am kidding; I would never be involved with something like that. I actually lost him in a bet with an NBA ref. SHH, I think the bet was FIXED!!

I got setup with a girl the other night after a show. She was a friend of a friend. Now I rocked the house, and figured, what would be more interesting than getting to know a blind comedian? Well, we were hanging at a bar, and instead of talking to me, the guy who just rocked Gotham Comedy Club, she decided to talk to some sixty year old fat guy from Louisiana. That is not even the best part; guess what he did for a living? He actually buys dead people’s things!! Score Blind Comedian 0 vs Dead guy crap purchaser 1. I will never get woman.

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